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Photo by Pete Buckland

From the vaults, courtesy of Stuart McDonald, Killing Floor's first promo shoot - taken in Palace Rd. South London, 1968. Left to right, if you're confused.. Lou Martin, Mick Clarke, Bazz Smith, Bill Thorndycraft, (Mac) McDonald

First ever promo photo of Killing Floor - 1968

Photo from the original photo session for first Killing Floor album cover.. Decca Studio, London 1969

Freddie King with Killing Floor at the L.S.E. London,1969. Behind Freddie .. Bazz Smith, drums, Paul Taylor (bass player at the time), Mick Clarke, Lou Martin. Right:Original itinerary for the first tour with FREDDIE KING, showing rehearsal at the Pied Bull, Islington, 29 May 1969, and dates at the California Ballroom, Dunstable, Free Trade Hall, Manchester (with Howlin' Wolf) and others.



Killing Floor at the Hamburg Easter Rock Festival, Ernst Merck Halle. Mick and Bill rock Germany, 29th & 30th March 1970.

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Killing Floor opening for Mott The Hoople at the Roundhouse, Dagenham, 16th May 1970.

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Killing Floor immortalised in brick at the site of the Cavern Club, Liverpool. Thanks to Bazz and Dorothy, also Holly and Kevin Jones.

"I just want to say the Killing Floor was one of the heaviest bands ever. Thank you for the music even this far down the road". WF, Facebook.

Killing Floor's first ever record.. a demo recorded at R.G.Jones' studio in Morden, South London, in 1968, featuring versions of "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl" and Willie Dixon's "Same Thing". The record was never released commercially, but helped to launch Killing Floor's gigging and recording career.

Mick at L'Enclume, Bandol, South of France, 1970.

When we were young.. KF in Bandol, 1970. L-R Bazz, Mac, Bill, Mick. Photos by courtesy of our friend Ian from the band Gully Foyle.

A review from 1969 of the Howlin' Wolf gig that never was. It was reported at the time that Wolf had had to cancel due to exhaustion. In fact he was never booked for the date.. it was a money making exercise on behalf of the agent. Freddie King and Killing Floor played the whole evening.. the review is reproduced here without comment.
(By courtesy of Jaybee at the California Ballroom site).

Dunstable Gazette 6 June 1969

Despite the absence of Howlin' Wolf and John Dummer at the California last week, the evening was a success.

Between them Freddie King and Killing Floor tore the house apart. Killing Floor opened the show with a set which was far too loud for anyone to appreciate. But then the King came on.

Right from the first number, he had the audience in the palm of his hand. He tortured his guitar into producing sounds I didn't think were capable of coming from strings. Surprisingly, Killing Floor toned right down while backing him and except for a few whines, Freddie came over with great clarity.

Only after the audience had been persuaded that Freddie had another gig following would they let him off the stage, but we didn't know that even better was to come.

Wolf was supposed to play the next sets with John Dummer, but various conflicting rumours spread around the hall, saying he would or would not be playing. In the end, the rumour with the most following was that Wolf had collapsed after a gig in London. I later found out that Wolf was physically exhausted by his British tour and as he had three dates left, he decided to miss one out. The "Cali" happened to be the unlucky one. Wolf instead went straight to Manchester.

Killing Floor played another set, again too loud, but this time gaining a more enthusiastic reaction. The first half had been incredible, but it was nothing to what was to come in Freddie's second set. His guitar work was so superb that it made Clapton's look like the first lesson in the Bert Weedon Guitar Primer.

Most people would have been quite happy to listen until the proposed finish at 2 a.m., but Freddie was already an hour late for his next date and the show closed down just after midnight.

I was rather disappointed with the size of the crowd. There was room for a lot more people. It was a tremendous evening which makes British so-called blues look very anaemic. It will be many years before the British scene gets anything remotely similar to this standard.

Interview with Psychedelic Baby Blogspot 2011 - Mick and Bill. Click Here.


This is a complete list of live shows and other significant dates taken from contemporary sources from the band's inception in 1968 to it's final performances of 1972.

25.05.68        Middle Earth, London (with Captain Beefheart)

13.07.68        Supreme Ballroom, Ramsgate

20.07.68        Hermitage Halls, Hitchin, Herts

03.08.68        California Ballroom, Dunstable (with The Symbols)

08.08.68        North London Blues Boat, Pied Bull, London (Paul Kossoff and Simon Kirk jammed)

23.08.68        California Ballroom, Dunstable (with Ten Years After)

04.09.68        British Rail Beat Cruise, Portsmouth (with The Toast)

05.09.68        North London Blues Boat, Pied Bull, London (Shakey Vick and Cliff Charles jammed)

06.09.68        Fishmongers Arms, London

13.09.68        California Ballroom, Dunstable (with Timebox)

14.09.68        La Grange, Monchaux, France

15.09.68        La Grange, Monchaux, France

20.09.68        Grand Hotel, Felixstowe

28.09.68        Dorothy Ballroom, Cambridge

02.10.68        Bedford College, Regents Park, London

04.10.68        Private party, Hampshire

06.10.68        Cooks Ferry Inn, London

11.10.68        California Ballroom, Dunstable (with Chicken Shack)

12.10.68        Garibaldi Club, Great Yarmouth

25.10.68        Kings College Hospital Medical School, London

01.11.68        California Ballroom, Dunstable (with Jethro Tull)

02.11.68        Private party, Dorset

10.11.68        Norwich Industrial Club, Norwich, Norfolk

19.11.68        Pantiles, Bagshot, Surrey (with Alexis Korner)

21.11.68        Steering Wheel, Weymouth

22.11.68        Silver Blades, Streatham, London

23.11.68        Silver Blades, Streatham, London

24.11.68        Hermitage Halls, Hitchin, Herts

29.11.68        Banbury Tech, Banbury, Oxfordshire

30.11.68        St Anthony's Youth Club, London

04.12.68        Thing-me-Jig Club, Reading

07.12.68        RAF Waddington, Lincs

14.12.68        California Ballroom, Dunstable (with Cupids Inspiration)

15.12.68        Manor House, Ipswich

19.12.68        Blues Attic, Banbury

20.12.68        Blues Loft, High Wycombe (with Duster Bennett)

21.12.68        Gunnersbury Grammar School

22.12.68        Hesdin Youth Club, London

24.12.68        Fishmongers Arms, London

27.12.68        Ritz Ballroom, Bournemouth

03.01.69        Hurlingham Club, Putney, London

10.01.69        Albion Club, Walton-on-Naze

11.01.69        California Ballroom, Dunstable (with Junior Walker & the All Stars)

18.01.69        Stax Club, Cirencester

22.01.69        Toby Jug, Tolworth, London (with Love Sculpture)

24.01.69        Blues Loft, High Wycombe

28.01.69        Marquee Club, London (with The Nice)

01.02.69        Nags Head, Wollaston

08.02.69        California Ballroom, Dunstable (with Georgie Fame)

10.02.69        Kings Head, Romford, Essex (with Spooky Tooth)

14.02.69        Metropolitan Police Ball, London (with Cyril Fletcher)

15.02.69        59 Club, Paddington, London (with The Wild Angels)

23.02.69        Silver Blades, Streatham, London

23.02.69        Bluesville 69, Manor House, Ipswich

24.02.69        Kings Hall, Romford, Essex

10.02.69        Klooks Kleek, Hampstead, London (with Freddie King & Steamhammer)

27.02.69        Red Lion, Leytonstone

01.03.69        California Ballroom, Dunstable (with The Herd)

07.03.69        Blues Loft, High Wycombe

08.03.69        Regent Street Polytech, London

12.03.69        Marquee Club, London (with Yes)

14.03.69        St. Ives Youth Club, St. Ives

15.03.69        Hatchetts, London

18.03.69        Wood Green

21.03.69        Kings College Medical School

23.03.69        Bottleneck Blues Club

26.03.69        Pavillion Ballroom, Hemel Hempstead (with Black Cat Bones)

28.03.69        Albion Hotel, Walton-on-Naze

29.03.69        The Village, Dagenham (with Mick Abrahams Band)

02.04.69        Cat Trap Club, Norwich

05.04.69        Pavillion Ballroom, Bournemouth

02.04.69        Top Spot, Ross on Wye (with Duster Bennett & Black Cat Bones)

02.04.69        Toby Jug, Tolworth

16.04.69        BBC Radio session for Alexis Korner R&B Show, World Service

17.04.69        Blues Attic, Banbury

19.04.69        Alex Disco, Salisbury

24.04.69        RAF Lyneham (with The Fortunes)

26.04.69        Kingston College

02.05.69        Blues Loft, High Wycombe

04.05.69        Toby Jug, Tolworth

09.05.69        St Ives Youth Club

10.05.69        Tin Hat Club, Kettering

11.05.69        Bottleneck Blues Club

16.05.69        Grand Hotel, Felixstowe

22.05.69        Stonehenge Club, Oxford

24.05.69        Bookham Youth Club

25.05.69        Ship & Rainbow, Wolverhampton

27.05.69        100 Club, London

30.05.69        California Ballrooom, Dunstable (1st tour with Freddie King)

31.05.69        Manchester Free Trade Hall (with Freddie King & Howlin' Wolf)

01.06.69        Black Prince Bexley (with Freddie King)

02.06.69        Sheffield City Hall (with Freddie King)

03.06.69        The Place, Stoke (with Freddie King)

04.06.69        Blues Loft, High Wycombe (with Freddie King)

05.06.69        Club Lafayette, Wolverhampton (with Freddie King)

06.06.69        El Rondo, Leicester (with Freddie King)

07.06.69        Polytech, London (with Freddie King)

07.06.69        Flamingo Club, London (with Freddie King)

09.06.69        Cedar Club, Birmingham (with Freddie King)

10.06.69        Klooks Kleek, Hampstead, London (with Freddie King)

11.06.69        Toby Jug, Tolworth (with Freddie King)

12.06.69        Annabels, Sunderland (with Freddie King)

13.06.69        El Grotto, Ilford (with Freddie King)

25.06.69        Durham University (with Freddie King)

15.06.69        Boat Club, Nottingham (with Freddie King)

17.06.69        Cherry Tree, Welwyn Garden City (with Freddie King)

19.06.69        Marquee Club, London (with Freddie King)

20.06.69        Ritz, Bournemouth (with Freddie King)

21.06.69        Sheffield University (with Freddie King & Otis Spann)

22.06.69        Newcastle City Hall (with Freddie King & Otis Spann)

22.06.69        Middlesborough Town Hall (with Freddie King & Otis Spann)

27.06.69        Mistrale, Beckenham

29.06.69        Hesdin Youth Club

30.06.69        BBC Radio session at Camden Theatre for Johnny Walker Show, Radio One

03.07.69        Blues Attic, Banbury

04.07.69        Abbotsfield School, Hillingdon

05.07.69        Crown Hotel, Marlow

06.07.69        Kimbles Ballroom, Southsea

10.07.69        Factory, Birmingham

13.07.69        Tricorn, Portsmouth

14.07.69        BBC Radio session for John Peel Show, Radio One

21.07.69        Meridian Youth Club, Royston

22.07.69        Fishmongers Arms, Wood Green, London

30.07.69        Beat Cruise

02.08.69        Van Dyke Club,Plymouth

03.08.69        Pavillion Ballroom, Bournemouth

15.08.69        Hemel Hempstead Pavillion (with Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch)

16.08.69        Alex Disco, Salisbury

20.08.69        Cat Trap Club, Norwich

30.08.69        Tin Hat Club, Kettering

31.08.69        Pavillion Ballroom, Bournemouth

20.09.69        Birdcage, Harlow

27.09.69        Factory, Birmingham

28.09.69        Rainbow Rooms, Birmingham

04.10.69        PN Hit House, Munich, Germany

05.10.69        PN Hit House, Munich, Germany

07.10.69        PN Hit House, Munich, Germany

08.10.69        PN Hit House, Munich, Germany

09.10.69        PN Hit House, Munich, Germany

10.10.69        PN Hit House, Munich, Germany

11.10.69        PN Hit House, Munich, Germany

12.10.69        PN Hit House, Munich, Germany

14.10.69        PN Hit House, Munich, Germany

16.10.69        PN Hit House, Munich, Germany

17.10.69        St. Ives Youth Club

26.10.69        Crown Hotel, Marlow

29.10.69        BBC Radio Session, Alexis Korner R&B Show, World Service

30.10.69        Jimmy's, Brighton

31.10.69        Lancaster University (with Freddie King & Howlin' Wolf - 2nd Freddie King tour)

01.11.69        Boston Gliderdrome (with Freddie King)

02.11.69        Redcar Jazz Club (with Freddie King)

04.11.69        100 Club, London (with Freddie King)

04.11.69        Bag of Nails, London (with Freddie King & Howlin' Wolf)

05.11.69        Norwich Industrial Club (with Freddie King)

06.11.69        Club Lafayette, Wolverhampton (with Freddie King)

07.11.69        Annabells, Sunderland (with Freddie King)

08.11.69        Guildford Civic Hall (with Freddie King)

09.11.69        Boat Club, Nottingham (with Freddie King)

10.11.69        Kings Hall, Romford (with Freddie King)

11.11.69        Oxford Town Hall (with Freddie King)

12.11.69        Toby Jug, Tolworth, London (with Freddie King)

13.11.69        Marquee Club, London (with Freddie King)

13.11.69        Speakeasy, London (with Freddie King)

14.11.69        El Rondo, Leicester (with Freddie King)

15.11.69        London School of Economics (with Freddie King)

16.11.69        Black Prince, Bexley (with Freddie King)

17.11.69        Bull, Richmond (with Freddie King)

21.11.69        Reading University

24.11.69        Aurora Hotel, Gillingham

30.11.69        Frank Freeman's, Kidderminster

01.12.69        Clarence Pier, Southsea

16.12.69        Beat Club - Hirschen, Zurich, Switzerland

17.12.69        Beat Club - Hirschen, Zurich, Switzerland

18.12.69        Beat Club - Hirschen, Zurich, Switzerland

19.12.69        Beat Club - Hirschen, Zurich, Switzerland

20.12.69        Beat Club - Hirschen, Zurich, Switzerland

21.12.69        Beat Club - Hirschen, Zurich, Switzerland

22.12.69        Beat Club - Hirschen, Zurich, Switzerland

23.12.69        Beat Club - Hirschen, Zurich, Switzerland

25.12.69        Palace, Mulhouse, France

26.12.69        Palace, Mulhouse, France

27.12.69        Beat Club - Hirschen, Zurich, Switzerland

28.12.69        Beat Club - Hirschen, Zurich, Switzerland

29.12.69        Beat Club - Hirschen, Zurich, Switzerland

30.12.69        Beat Club - Hirschen, Zurich, Switzerland

31.12.69        Aaron, Zurich, Switzerland

31.12.69        Beat Club - Hirschen, Zurich, Switzerland

01.01.70        Beat Club - Hirschen, Zurich, Switzerland

03.01.70        US Base, Augsburg, Germany

04.01.70        Palace, Mulhouse, France

16.01.70        Powerhouse Blues Club, London

16.01.70        University of Kent, Cantebury

01.02.70        Hades, Ravensburg, Germany

05.02.70        Hades, Konstanz, Germany

05.02.70        Scotch Club, Zingen, Germany

06.02.70        Konstanz University, Germany

07.02.70        Beat Club - Hirschen, Zurich, Switzerland

07.02.70        Schweighof, Zurich, Switzerland

08.02.70        Palace, Mulhouse, France

08.02.70        Beat Club - Hirschen, Zurich, Switzerland

14.02.70        The Star, Croydon

17.02.70        Leeds University (with Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup)

24.02.70        100 Club, London

07.03.70        West Norwood College, London

14.03.70        Temple, London

29.03.70        Hamburg Easter Festival, Germany (with The Nice, Steamhammer, Groundhogs)

30.03.70        Hamburg Easter Festival, Germany (with Black Sabbath, Steamhammer, Groundhogs, Alexis Korner)

11.04.70        Sportspalast, Berlin, Germany

01.05.70        Cosmo Club, Carlisle

02.05.70        Durham University

16.05.70        Roundhouse, Dagenham (with Mott the Hoople)

19.05.70        Walford Youth Club

06.06.70        Yeovil Blues festival (with Yes, Savoy Brown, Rare Bird)

25.06.70        Tunbridge Wells College, Kent (with Spirit of John Morgan)

30.06.70        L'Enclume, Bandol, France

01.07.70        L'Enclume, Bandol, France

02.07.70        L'Enclume, Bandol, France

03.07.70        L'Enclume, Bandol, France

04.07.70        Festival St. Tropez, France

04.07.70        L'Enclume, Bandol, France

06.07.70        L'Enclume, Bandol, France

07.07.70        L'Enclume, Bandol, France

08.07.70        L'Enclume, Bandol, France

09.07.70        L'Enclume, Bandol, France

10.07.70        L'Enclume, Bandol, France

11.07.70        L'Enclume, Bandol, France

12.07.70        L'Enclume, Bandol, France

13.07.70        L'Enclume, Bandol, France

14.07.70        L'Enclume, Bandol, France

15.07.70        L'Enclume, Bandol, France

16.07.70        L'Enclume, Bandol, France

17.07.70        L'Enclume, Bandol, France

18.07.70        Lou Magnan, St. Tropez, France

19.07.70        Lou Magnan, St. Tropez, France

20.07.70        Lou Magnan, St. Tropez, France

21.07.70        Lou Magnan, St. Tropez, France

22.07.70        Lou Magnan, St. Tropez, France

23.07.70        Lou Magnan, St. Tropez, France

24.07.70        Lou Magnan, St. Tropez, France

25.07.70        Lou Magnan, St. Tropez, France

23.08.70        Knighton Festival, Radnorshire (with The Move, Alexis Korner, Pete Brown's Piblokto)

23.08.70        Burtons, Uxbridge

02.10.70        College, Wandsworth Town Hall, London

07.10.70        Gun, Croydon

14.10.70        Plymouth Polytech, Devon

16.10.70        Wickford Youth Club

23.10.70        Maidstone College, Kent

24.10.70        Bluesville, St. Helens

28.10.70        Canterbury College of Art, Kent

01.11.70        Cloud 9, Peterborough

04.11.70        Radio One Club, (Live interview on BBC Radio One with Annie Nightingale)

14.11.70        Trent Park College

17.11.70        Molineaux Hotel, Wolverhampton

20.11.70        Church Hall, Presteigne, Radnorshire

21.11.70        Wisbech College (with Alan Bown)

27.11.70        Edinburgh University, Scotland

04.12.70        The Temple, Wardour St. London

05.12.70        Bourne Corn Exchange

10.12.70        Ellesmere Port F.C.

11.12.70        Tomorrow Club, Wallasey

12.12.70        Alex Disco, Salisbury

19.12.70        Tunbridge Wells College (with Steamhammer)

09.01.71        BBC Television for Disco 2, BBC2, Television Centre, London

15.01.71        Red Lion, Leytonstone

17.01.71        Horn Hotel, Braintree

11.02.71        Blues Attic, Banbury

12.02.71        Tunbridge Wells College, Kent

13.02.71        Tamworth

19.01.71        Maidstone College (with Barclay James Harvest)

20.02.71        Redhill College

24.02.71        Pig Market, Wigan

26.02.71        Cavern Club, Liverpool

27.02.71        Birdcage, Hoyland

20.03.71        Huddersfield Polytech

02.04.71        Kay Club, Birkenhead

03.04.71        Oakengates College(with Chicken Shack & Supertramp)

29.04.71        Leek

04.05.71        Bumpers, London

08.05.71        Edinburgh University (with Hawkind)

13.05.71        Experience, London

14.05.71        Averlee College, Eltham

16.05.71        Horn Hotel, Braintree

21.05.71        Hatfield Polytech

30.05.71        Norwood Tech, London

23.05.71        Marquee Club, London

26.05.71        BBC Radio Session for Mike Raven R&B Show, Maida Vale

28.05.71        Kington, Radnorshire

30.05.71        Greyhound, Fulham

02.06.71        Harlow

03.06.71        Fishmongers Arms, Wood Green

09.06.71        Cafe des Artistes, Earls Court, London

11.06.71        Pig market, Wigan

12.06.71        Alex Disco, Salisbury

14.06.71        Deal theatre, Kent

18.06.71        Cavern Club, Liverpool (with Cochise)

19.06.71        Cavern Club, Liverpool

20.06.71        Peterlee Jazz Club

24.06.71        Greyhound, Fulham, London

26.06.71        Neptune Hotel, Dymchurch, Kent

01.07.71        Clouds, Derby

08.07.71        Basingstoke

09.07.71        Thinge-me-Jig, reading

11.07.71        Albemarle

23.07.71        Nags Head, Wollaston (with John Peel & Nick Pickett)

24.07.71        Neptune Hotel, Dymchurch

25.07.71        Wisbech College

27.07.71        Southall College

04.08.71        Colchester

08.08.71        Speakeasy, London

19.08.71        Ystradgynlais Rugby Club

20.08.71        Canaervon

29.08.71        Rock Festival, St. Neotts

03.09.71        Sports Club, Nuneaton

18.09.71        Colchester

21.09.71        Leeds College

01.10.71        Primrose Ballroom, Bebington

23.10.71        Speakeasy, London

28.10.71        Locher College, South Wales, (With Renaissance)

??.11.71        American College, London

04.02.72        Marquee Club, London (with J.B.Hutto)

18.02.72        Bath University

25.02.72        Marquee Club, London (with Lightnin' Slim)

01.03.72        North London Polytech (with Skid Row)

03.03.72        North London Polytech

11.03.72        Plymouth Polytechnic

28.03.72        Greyhound, Croydon

28.03.72        Bumpers, London

24.04.72        Cafe des Artistes, Earls Court, London

28.04.72        Speakeasy, London

05.06.72        Bumpers, London

06.06.72        Bumpers, London

07.06.72        Bumpers, London

08.06.72        Bumpers, London

09.06.72        Bumpers, London

10.06.72        Bumpers, London

11.06.72        Bumpers, London

20.06.72        Corby Bowl

22.06.72        Cafe des Artistes, Earls Court, London

29.06.72        Cafe des Artistes, Earls Court, London

30.06.72        Huntingdon College

There then followed a short break..the next Killing Floor show was at the Open Air Gross Lindow, Germany, 19 August 2006. Details in the Tour Diary.