Relentless Boogie - Part One

5 Track EP - Recorded by Mick Clarke at Rockfold Studio, Surrey 2020

01 Settle On It
02 Break It Down
03 Little by Little
04 Rollin' On
05 Foot on the Wheel

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Mick writes:

Here's a five track CD of mainly new material, but including the single "Little by Little". The title's a nod to John Lee Hooker's "Endless Boogie". Same thing really - just carries on and on.

"Settle on It" is a solid boogie with the riff played on my De Armond M-65 before I removed the humbuckers - it has a nice crunch to it. Lead guitar (I think) on the Epiphone by Gibson Sheraton. And the lyric is a list of old time dances from the Vaudeville years.. you'll have to look them up. And don't do yourself any injuries.

"Break it Down".. a faster shuffle which was pretty much recorded as it was being written, as you can hear. This was just before the US Election.. there was a lot of BS going around.. "sometimes it makes you feel so bad unscrambling the word salad"..

So straight after the election, after four days glued to CNN (I'm British but I wasn't going to miss this show) I dived straight into the Junior Wells classic "Little by Little". This went out as a single and seems popular - I like it.

"Rollin' On".. a little musical adventure with a busy beat and a weird riff. Lyrically something to do with the times.. lockdown and all that. And a little excursion into a kind of Rory Gallagherish middle 8 with my bad impression of some Rod De'Ath drumming.. wonder what he would think?

By the way, there may be an alternative mix of this on the next EP.. that way I can see which one people like. There are no rules any more!

"Foot on the Wheel" kind of goes with the album cover. I remember being on a Greyhound Bus many years ago on a road something like the one depicted, and looking down into people's cars as they cruised along the long straight road in the sunshine. They'd be kicking back - opening a can - maybe rolling a joint, who knows. Maybe there was a foot on the wheel - anyway, this is for them. Road trip music for a desert highway.

Hope you enjoy the music.. I expect there'll be a part two.. three? Dunno. I'm recording some strange stuff so watch out.. anything could appear on a Spotify playlist near you. keep Rockin'.

Mick Clarke - Relentless Boogie Part One