Mo'blues'n'boogie Vol. 2

01 Ain't Beggin' Nobody
02 Hip-Shakin'
03 Tipitina
04 One Mind

Recorded by Mick Clarke at Rockfold Studio, Surrey, England

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Mick writes:

Ain't Beggin' Nobody is a fairly obscure Sonny Boy Williamson song which I only heard for the first time recently. Lead guitar on my mongrel Strat (old alder body, American standard electrics with Texas Special pickups and and an old Squier maple neck).

JB Hutto's Hip-Shakin' was already released as a single a few weeks ago - I'm pleased to see it doing well. The 1963 Rosetti "Elmore Special" doing the business.. best suited to the slide.

Tipitina - the New Orleans standard. I'm not sure what this is about, and actually I'm not sure Professor Longhair was sure when he wrote it. There seems to be someone name Loberta involved, and who or what the hell is Tipitina?

Well, as Bob "The Bear" Hite said.. "Love can be found anywhere - even in a guitar". Tipitina is derived from Junkers Blues which is credited to Champion Jack Dupree who, extraordinarily enough, I used to see playing at the Nags Head in Battersea, South London, around 1968. Anyway the good professor put Tipitina together in 1953 along with his sound engineer, one Cosimo Matassa, and created a classic.

And a change in pace with One Mind, which I think is a lyric which I've pinched from somewhere but can't remember where. I do like the combination of electric and acoustic.. all the sounds get bigger when you go quieter. (Yes, really).

So here are some more tracks from Rockfold Studio, deep in the Surrey Badlands. I'll continue to release tracks as they get recorded, and compile everything into an album at some point, probably towards the end of the year. Meanwhile thanks for taking the trouble to come to my site and read my ramblings - stay safe and keep rockin!

Mick Clarke