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Mick Clarke
Live In Luxembourg

From Mick: A live recording made straight from the mixing desk at the Big Blues Festival in Luxembourg 2002. The MC Band was appearing on a line-up which included Dave Hole, Mick Taylor and Bo Diddley - we played in the afternoon in a large circus tent erected alongside the Mosel river. It was a good day - we enjoyed the gig a lot, and then were privileged to enjoy Bo's set.

The mix is not perfect as it was made for the live audience on the night (afternoon), and was affected by the sound coming directly off the stage and the acoustics of the room (tent). So it's rough and ready, warts and all, but if you turn it up loud and pour a beer you can be right back there with us on a sunny afternoon in Luxembourg. I think it rocks - hope you agree.

Original CD release on Taxim Records TX 1053=2 TB - also available as part of a double album Roll Again / Live In Luxembourg on BGO Records BGOCD 902. Now available for the first time for streaming and download.

01 Bromley City Limits
02 Looking For Trouble
03 That's Alright
04 London Town
05 Cool Night Air
06 You Gonna Miss Me
07 You Need Love
08 Don't You Lie To Me

Mick Clarke: Guitar / Vocal
Chris Sharley: Drums
Eddie Masters: Bass
Dave Lennox: Keyboards

Recorded by Michael Reitz
Thanks to Dragan Nikitovic and the crew at the Big Blues Festival Festival and the sound crew from Riverline
Mastering by Peter Harenberg, .ham.audio, Hamburg with thanks to Hans Pohle, Taxim Records
Cover artwork by Illa Schutte for Holthus Graphics, Asendorf

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Out now on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Amazon on Demand CD.

Also available on double CD with "Roll Again" on BGO Records BGOCD902
complete with full colour leaflet, notes and photos
Buy direct from BGO

LIVE IN LUXEMBOURG voted one of the top British blues releases of 2002 - Blues Matters Magazine March 2003

The Mick Clarke Band on stage at the Big Blues Festival, Luxembourg 2002
Photo by Frank Baumgard


...one hell of a kicking album. From the opening instrumental, footstomping burst of "Bromley City Limits", with Dave Lennox to the fore on Hammond, you just know that this is one hell of a set. The following "Looking For Trouble" takes Mick back to his Appaloosa days when Italy was a big market for him (this guy has been around!). This title track from a superb early '80's album is given a blistering rendering here, it's a fiery, kick-ass boogie with Clarke straight from the wood sound, eschewing all effects and relying on a unique mix of speed, light and shade, sustain and tone content. Some of Mick's playing, and at times raw gut vocals, remind you of Rory Gallagher at his most fiery, but to longer term fans this set has all the hallmarks of a Mick Clarke - a spontaneity in his playing style and a willingness to take a chance, and stretch out.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Clarke has always stuck fairly closely to his love of Chicago Blues, allied to his own trademark boogie. Thus Jimmy Rodgers "That's Alright" is given a raucous reading and Willy Dixon's "You Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" renmains a firm live favourite.

Mick's own "London Town/Cool Night Air" is a worthy companion, with a rock solid rhythm section and some wicked slide guitar.

Not only is this one of the most unadulterated "straight from the desk" live albums for many a year, its also a timely reminder of a band who remain essentially one of the UK's finest exports. Perhaps its time for a belated re-introduction to the circuit for a guitarist who's qualities of passion and consistency have never been compromised by changing fads or the slightest suggestion of a Hendrix/SRV fixation.

Mick Clarke "Live in Luxembourg" kicks out the jams big style.


This recording is direct from the PA and the sound is fulsome, bright and electrifying. It truly captures Mick the way he is supposed to sound. The disc intro`s during Bromley City Limits but over the next hour or so there are full on full-length versions of Looking For Trouble, You Need Love and half a dozen other Mick Clarke classic cuts.
Chris Sharley and Eddie Masters keep things tight at the back whilst Mick and keyboard demon Dave Lennox jostle for space at the front. Naturally Mick comes out on top but it wouldn`t be possible without a strong supporting cast. The combination of London Town and Cool Night Air, and the phenomenal version of Muddy Waters` You Gonna Miss Me are the stand out tracks.
This is superbly recorded and superbly played. It is Mick Clarke live, warts and all, and there are few that come close to touching him when he is on this form - which he always is.


"just a plain good recording which brings home the energy and enthusiasm that Mick puts into his gigs...well worth taking the trouble to look for!"
Rating: 9/10


Just thought I,d let you know how much i enjoyed your new cd - CM Scotland
. It is absolutely brilliant!!! - KH England
. I'm really enjoy the CD - FB Germany
It sound really great and has captured the magic live atmosphere of the afternoon concert at the Big Blues festival as well, this will be one of my favorite recording of you - CA Germany
a solid set by the MCB - AC Netherlands
Great - a good raw sound - CS Scotland
The Sound is very impressive. It's real good work, you've done - HM Germany
- the live album is superb - MC Scotland
You're playing the Blues the way I really like it...with "guts"...! - AD France


Likable Londoner Mick Clarke delivers on his just released album "Live In Luxembourg" again a number of songs that can be categorized as genuine bluesrock. Recordings were made during the Big Blues Festival in Luxemburg, Saturday 29 june 2002. This, being Mick's first Live-album ever, is a good example of what the man has to offer. Strong guitar parts all over like in the instrumental "Bromley City Limits", and a slide, sharp as a knife, in "London Town/Cool Night Air", Boogie in a very loud version van Willie Dixons "You Need Love". Dave Lennox brings in a little variation playing quality keys in "Looking For Trouble". Mick is at his best in an outstanding version of Jimmy Rogers' "That's All Right", vocally and musically he really lays his soul in this one. The recordings were made directly off the PA-system and therefor the vocals are a bit loud sometimes. The album is only for sale through Micks website or at concerts. Don't let this spoil your fun, or as Mick says: 'Turn it up loud, pour a beer and enjoy!"

Mick Clarke "Live In Luxembourg": Full CD De sympathieke Londenaar Mick Clarke zorgt met zijn zopas uitgekomen album "Live In Luxembourg" terug voor een stevig potje onvervalste bluesrock. De opnames gebeurden tijdens het Big Blues Festival in Luxemburg op zaterdag 29 juni 2002. Dit is zijn eerste live album en schetst een mooi voorbeeld van wat men van deze Britse bluesrocker mag verwachten. Snerende gitaarpartijen alom zoals in het instrumentale "Bromley City Limits", messcherpe slide-uithalen in "London Town/Cool Night Air" en een beukend boogie-ritme in een wel erg harde versie van Willie Dixons "You Need Love". Gelukkig is er nog Dave Lennox die met zijn kwalitatief toetsenwerk voor de nodige afwisseling zorgt in oa: "Looking For Trouble". Mick is echt te genieten in een voortreffelijk gebrachte versie van Jimmy Rogers' "That's All Right" zowel vocaal als op gitaar waar enorm veel zielsinbreng in zit. Toch wel belangrijk om te vermelden is dat de opname rechtstreeks vanaf de P.A. werd genomen waardoor de vocalen soms wat luid overkomen. Ook is dit album slechts verkrijgbaar via de website van Mick, of op n van zijn concerten. Maar laat dit de pret niet derven, of zoals Mick zelf zegt 'Turn it up loud, pour a beer and enjoy!" Info: Live In Luxembourg / www.mickclarke.com / eigen beheer Contact: Website: www.mickclarke.com / E-mail: micclarke@hotmail.com


Codice Disco: TAXIM TX 1053

Registrato live in concerto il 29 luglio 2002 al Big Blues� festival in Lussemburgo, questa registrazione dell� inossidabile Mick Clarke era disponibile solo sul suo sito internet, ora la tedesca taxim che ha pubblicato gran parte del catalogo di questo musicista inglese, la rende disponibile nei negozi. Fotografia esatta degli shows che il gruppo tiene regolarmente in Europa, mostra il muscoloso approccio al r&b di quest indomabile protagonista del british blues. Attivo sin dagli anni 60, Mick Clarke non ha mai abdicato o cercato di rendere più commerciale la sua musica, onesto professionista è sempre rimasto coerente alla sua proposta artistica. Accompagnato dal suo competente gruppo: Chris Sharley alla batteria, Dave Lennox alle tastiere e Eddie Master al basso, la Mick Clarke Band d� prova di fare concerti vibranti e coinvolgenti. Il repertorio è quello classico di queste occasioni, una selezione dai classici americani: Chuck Berry, Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters e Jimmy Rogers, con l aggiunta di qualche composizione originale, tutte indurite e dilatate dall enfasi dell esibizione “live”. Gli artigiani, come il gruppo di Mick Clarke, sono purtroppo sottovalutati nel nostro Paese, mentre di maggiore credito godono nel nord-Europa; trovo più interessante la proposta di bands come queste che di gruppi di covers che, maldestramente, propongono solo classici tentando di rispettarne gli arrangiamenti. Pulsante e diretta la proposta di questo musicista merita di essere raccolta, “alza il volume, apri una birra e divertiti”, questo è il messaggio del gruppo; io mi associo, bravo Mick Clarke.Ottima anche la resa del gruppo e non solo per lefficace e rocciosa ritmica, ma anche per la tastiera di Dave Lennox che ha avuto il non semplice compito di sostituire Lou Martin.

Recorded live in concert the 29 July 2002 to the "Big Blues" festival in Lussemburgo, this recording of the stainless Mick Clarke was available single on its situated Internet, hour the German taxim that it has published great part of the catalogue of this English musician, makes available it in the storees. Exact photography of the shows that the group holds regularly in Europe, extension the muscoloso approach to the r&b of this uncontrollable protagonist of the british blues. Assets sin from years 60, Mick Clarke have not never abdicated or tried to render more its music trades them, honest professional is always remained coherent to its artistic proposal. Accompanied from its competent group: Chris Sharley on drums, Dave Lennox to the keyboards and Eddie Master to the bottom, the Mick Clarke Band gives test to make vibrating and being involved concerts. The repertorio is that classic of these occasions, one selection from the classics Americans: Chuck Berry, Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters and Jimmy Rogers, with the added one of some composition originate them, all hardened and expanded from "the live" emphasis of the exhibition. The craftsmen, like the group of Mick Clarke, are unfortunately underrate you in our Country, while greater credit they enjoy in north-Europe; I find more interesting the proposal than bands like that of groups of covers that, maldestramente, they propose only classics trying to respect of the agreements. Push-button and directed the proposal of this musician deserves of being collection, "raises the volume, opens a beer and is amused", this is the message of the group; I am associated, Bravo Mick Clarke.Ottima also the yield of the group and not only for the effective and full of rocks ritmica, but also for the keyboard of Dave Lennox that has had the not simple task to replace Lou Martin.


There are eight really good tracks here, four! of them Mick Clarke originals, offering a wide variety of blues styles & tempos. This CD was made up from a live recording at the Big Blues Festival in Luxembourg in 2002 - the Mick Clarke Band were on the same bill as Dave Hole & Mick Taylor & the headliner we the great Bo Diddley, so they were in good company! The album opens up with a Clarke original, "Bromley City Limits" - instrumental blues at it's best, & a second Clarke number follows up - "Looking For Trouble" before we get into the cover versions. The first of these is "That's Alright", a well done nine minute interpretation of the old Jimmy Rogers number given a raunchy treatment by Mick Clarke & the band. This particular track proves that this band knows what the blues is all about. The other covers are equally as good - Muddy Waters' "You Gonna Miss Me", Willie Dixon's "You Need Love" & Chuck Berry's "Don't Lie To Me" - all three are totally different to the originals and are given the Mick Clarke treatment to the full. So Much better than just making a direct copy that can't be distinguished from the original. Bearing in mind that this is a live album, I think that this is a band to look out for. If they're playing in your area, get along there and see them for yourself.


Fans of this singer and guitar player will be happy with this album. It is a bootleg with a short number of copies produced by Mike Clarke himself. Fifty two minutes of genuine swingin' rock and r&b on the same performing line he normally does. Wild guitar and Hammond playing along the seven tracks included on the cd, with a solid backing band with Chris Sharley on drums and Eddie Masters on bass.
The cd was recorded live during Big Blues Festival last edition, on the Mosel river banks in Luxembourg and the whole band really enjoyed playing in that beautiful place, the weather was good and the relaxed atmosphere and good vibrations of that particular gig can be felt along the whole cd. A very interesting new Mick Clarke Band piece of work. VERY GOOD.

Copyright Mick Clarke 2002.

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