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Mick Clarke - Cut Loose Vol 1

Mick Clarke
Cut Loose, Vol. 1

A collection of four brand new tracks recorded by Mick at Rockfold Studio 2019. "Please Baby" was originally recorded by the Mississippi Sheiks back in the 1930s, "Now I Got A Woman" is from "Now I've Got A Woman", one of Freddie King's early releases on the Federal label. "Jumpin'" was the B side of a 45 single called "Polaris" by a British group called the Boys, originally Marty Wilde's backing group the Wildcats. "Loafers and Liars" is a new song by Mick Clarke.

The tracks will be considered for a future album release. Meanwhile you can hear them on Spotify and download if you wish from iTunes.

01 Please Baby
02 Now I Got A Woman
03 Jumpin'
04 Loafers and Liars

Recorded and Mixed by Mick Clarke at Fabulous Rockfold Studio, Surrey, England 2019.
"Please Baby" - Public Domain, arr. Clarke, "Now I've Got A Woman" - Art Dellerson "Jumpin'" - Frere, Manston "Loafers and Liars" - Mick Clarke.

Listen and Follow on Spotify

Download is available now from iTunes and Amazon Music
Also available on CD from Amazon On Demand. These CDs are custom made by Amazon in the USA, and still economical when shipped worldwide. They seem to be quite popular, but be warned that the printing comes with an unnecessarily wide border. Don't know why.

A little background (from Mick)..

Since I record most of my material in my own studio, my work schedule is a little different from most artists. When I make an album I don't have to get the band together, rehearse the material and get a record company to fork out for ten days in a studio. Instead the songs bubble to the surface one by one at intervals of about a month each.

So sometimes the first tracks have to sit around for a long time before I'm ready to go ahead with a full album.. probably a year. This gets frustrating when you want to get the music out there and heard by people. So my latest brainwave (?!) is to release the tracks 4 at a time as EPs, and then compile them together as an album when I'm ready. Meanwhile the tracks get a live road test.. they may get remixed or dumped entirely if they don't make it onto the final album.

Well it's another way to keep life interesting. Here's my first 4 track collection (hence Vol 1) - hope you enjoy it. Let me know!

Reviews to follow.

Copyright Mick Clarke 2019

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