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Mick Clarke
Breaking Up Somebody's Home

Release date: 22 November 2019

Recorded by Mick Clarke at Rockfold Studio, Surrey, England

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Mick writes: My new version of the Anne Peebles classic, written by Al Jackson Jr and Timothy Matthews. This song's been covered more times than I can count, but I've tried here to put my own slant on it. Many versions include the same horn lines, which I am happily absolved from worrying about as I don't have a horn section down here at Fabulous Rockfold Studio. Anyway it's a great song full of seething passion.. blimey. And I love the dirty chugging rhythm - too much fun to record.

Nerd corner: This track features the three guitars I usually take on tour - Gnasher takes the lead, showing off its new pickup configuration for the first time, my bent frets Squier Strat crunches through one of the rhythm guitars with a new set of Rotosound strings sounding nice and bright, and my Matsumoko factory "Satellite" (Sid) fills in the fatter rhythm guitar with the vintage tremelo. Five minutes of funky blues - hope you enjoy.

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