TV Upside Down

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Mick writes:

Here's an exceptionally silly song about a minor on-the-road escapade from many years ago.

On a night off at a hotel somewhere in Germany, circa the mid 90s, my friend and colleague, the esteemed bass player and wit Mick Hawksworth mentioned to me that it was really funny to turn your TV upside down. Everything was funny - especially football - hilarious.

So, having nothing better to do for the evening, we duly turned the set in our hotel room upside down. And there was football and it was funny.. (helped along by various beverages).

The only problem came the next day when we returned the set to its normal orientation and found that we'd completely messed up the colour guns, and nothing was working properly. Oops.

I'm ashamed to say we slunk out of there without owning up.

So a very minor event in the annals of rock'n'roll.. hardly a Rolls Royce in the swimming pool. Still, worthy perhaps of a little jazzy shuffle and some nutcase guitar. I hope you enjoy it. Recorded by Mick Clarke at Rockfold Studio, Surrey 2023

Mick Clarke - TV Upside Down Mick Clarke - TV Upside Down Another TV on another tour - left to right Chris Sharley, Mike Bramwell and the late Mick Phillips. Nothing to do with me - I think the band leader was blissfully asleep at the time.

Mick Clarke - TV Upside Down With the trouble-maker-in-chief, the late Mick Hawksworth - old friend and esteemed bass player, who worked with Killing Floor, Fuzzy Duck and Alvin Lee amongst others.

My friend advised me - turn the TV Upside Down
well everything looks cool - you should try football with the TV Upside Down
yeah we were a little tight, but you know the man was right
TV Upside Down
the TV Upside Down

grey mornin' - grey mornin' - better put this room to right
its just a mess cos we did our best - to have some fun last night
with the TV Upside Down

can I ever return to that sleepy hamlet or will all the doors fly open all the fingers point at the man that caused the scandal at the little hotel and turned the TV Upside Down OH NO!!

now in the great scheme of rock'n'roll this tale it would hardly figure at all
but it was the TV Upside Down
the TV Upside Down