Relentless Boogie - Part Three

5 Track EP - Recorded by Mick Clarke at Rockfold Studio, Surrey 2021

01 Diamond Ring
02 Nothin' in Ramblin'
03 Hi-Heel Sneakers
04 Black Crow Fly
05 Down the Road Apiece

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Mick writes:

Five more tracks from Rockfold Studio Including the current single, "Hi-Heel Sneakers".

First track John Lee Willamson's "Good Morning Schoolgirl". But I changed the words around.. I wasn't going to sing "Good morning little schoolgirl - can I come home with you".. C'mon! So I took most of John Lee's original lyric and moved it around a bit. Don't worry he still gets the credit.

The arrangement though is as I first heard it, played by Black Cat Bones at the Nags Head in Battersea in 1968, with Paul Kossoff on lead. Very good it was too. Killing Floor used the song for our very first recording - a demo at RG Jones studio in Morden, South London.

Nothin' in Ramblin' is a song by Lizzie Douglas.. Memphis Minnie. I like the tune and some of the lyrics are powerful. Guitar is lead pickup on the Epiphone Sheraton... killer.

Hi-Heel Sneakers. Here's an R&B classic which we were all brought up on back in the 1960s. Yes I was alive then, experiencing the full wallop of "the sixties" as a teenager, from mods and rockers to hippies and psychedelia. I'd never really listened to the original by Tommy Tucker, real name the much better Robert Higginbotham. It's great and I love the line about having his "Old Crow Liquor" and his paycheque in his hand. You can still get Old Crow, it's a bourbon, but I dropped out the line about the Big John's Bootleg.

Black Crow Fly. Well we do have a big black crow who hangs around the garden.. I call him Mordecai - seems to suit. This is a blues for hot summer days with some slide on the Rosetti.

And Down The Road Apiece. Firstly, no-one will ever improve on the Stones' version - and who's playing that great lead guitar? Was that Jones? I'm still trying to find out. However, once again I was listening to the original.. it was written by the same guy who wrote "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" for the Andrews Sisters...Don Raye. It goes back that far. So I tried to take it back a step from the Chuck Berry thing, but with my own guitar style, and more of the original lyrics. Probably an odd combination but I think it rocks along.

Hope you're enjoying the current relentless release schedule. More relentless boogie to come...

Mick Clarke - Relentless Boogie Part Three