Relentless Boogie - Part Two

6 Track EP - Recorded by Mick Clarke at Rockfold Studio, Surrey 2021

01 Blues Fit Me
02 Who Do You Love
03 In The Bag
04 Baby Face
05 Stomp
06 Rollin' On

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Mick writes:

Here's an eclectic bunch of tracks, loosely described as "Relentless Boogie Part Two". First track: From a quote from Muddy Waters that I found in one of the many blues books lining my shelves here at Rockfold - I wear the one that fits - "The Blues Fit Me". The kind of couplet that Willie Dixon might have turned into one of his monster blues hits.. I hope he'd approve.

Bo Diddley's classic, and oft recorded, "Who Do You Love". This has the slide on the Rosetti with the Elmore pickup.. I think the track rocks along and sits somewhere between George Thorogood and Ronnie Hawkins. But what do I know? Anyway, it has, as Stevie Smith might say "a set of wheels".

"In the Bag" was released as a single a couple of weeks back, but due to a clerical cock-up (mine) didn't get the promotion that it should have. Still, here it is. Booker T meets SRV? I don't know, but it's a solid lump of music and I like it a lot.

"Baby Face". A funny little song based around a mad kick drum pattern that I heard on a record by Baby Face Leroy - hence the inspiration for the title. Not so much a pattern really - you hit the kick and keep on hitting it. Just don't stop. Well it's different and I like it.

Stomp.. a little acoustic guitar boogie.. inspired by Otis Spann's fabulous "Spann's Stomp".

And as I previously mentioned, an alternative mix of "Rollin' On" from the last EP. It's such a complex rhythm track that I thought it was worth putting out a version with everything more clearly separated in the mix.. we'll see which one people prefer.

There you go.. more results from the great ongoing project generally known as "having fun in a recording studio". I hope you enjoy the music.

Mick Clarke - Relentless Boogie Part Two