Peace of my Mind
B/W Nothin' but Tired

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Mick writes:

Stepping away from the blues..(briefly).. here are a couple of new songs in a kind of Americana / Country Rock style.

The first, 'Peace of my Mind' I wrote in my sleep and woke up with the tune in my head. I got up and wrote the lyric straight off. I'd say it's a kind of 'one size fits all' loss song - could be about losing a lover or maybe a bereavement. Please apply it to your own requirements.

It came out in a sort of Tex Mex style, which wasn't intended, but I like it anyway. So here it is - I hope it will find a home somewhere.

And 'Nothin' but Tired' - another song from the heart. Working on some garden chores during our recent heatwave I collapsed on a chair under the Maple Tree and all I was capable of was writing this song. So here it is - silly little song but I quite like it - slide solo on the Rosetti with the De Armond pickup, and a Mrs. Norman Petty style piano solo.

So a couple of slightly out of character releases, but I hope you enjoy them.

Mick Clarke - Peace of my Mind' Well I believe
that you should do
whatever you
feel that you ought to
so I'll not stand
here in your way
if you decide
to leave today

when all is said
and all is done
we shared a life
we had some fun
before you go
leavin' me behind
I give you this
Peace of My Mind


I ain't nothin' but tired
nothin' but tired
don't think you bein' lied - to
I ain't nuthin' but tired

i got it down in my bones
down in my bones
all the ones that I owns
got it down in my bones

well I'm feelin' kinda beat - cos workin' in the heat's so tirin'
yeah I really need some help - but I ain't got the dough for the hirin'
It's not my lot
To have no fun
so I'll keep on workin'
In the noon day sun

well I could go a little sleep - I could fall down in a heap if allowin'
But I don't need the boss - gettin' hot and cross and the rowin'
so let the good times roll
when I get my break
til then I'll keep on workin'
if I can stay awake

I ain't nothin' but tired
nothin' but tired
don't think you bein' lied - to
I ain't nothin' but tired

So I'll stay on the job
'til the work is done
but I'll have a little party
when the weekend comes

yeah when the weekend comes

Mick Clarke - Peace of my Mind original lyric