Blues Stay Away From Me

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Mick writes:

I first heard this song by BB King.. I think it's on 'The Jungle'.. might be wrong. Anyway I liked it - a blues with a tune - always good. Now I know that it was actually written and recorded by The Delmore Brothers.. a country act. So it joins the list of country songs which have become blues standards. See I keep trying to get that connection across to people.. blues, country, rock'n'roll.. all the same. But some people won't have it. My friend Lou Martin (Killing Floor / RG Band) would have understood intuitively - of course, it's obvious. I'm rambling again..

Anyway here's my version. I actually started recording this about a year ago but it wasn't right. I went back and re-did it a few months back and set it aside. When I revisited it recently I was happy to hear that there was something going on there.

If I could just remember which guitar I used.. must be the Strat surely, you can hear the out of phase.. then again I get that on the old Epiphone. Well it sounds pretty good whatever it is - I hope you enjoy the music.

'Blues Stay Away From Me' written by Henry Glover, Alton Delmore, Rabon Delmore, Wayne Raney. Originally released by the Delmore Brothers on King Records, 1949.

Mick Clarke - 'Blues Stay Away From Me' Blues stay away from me
Oh blues, why don't you let me be
Don't know why
You keep on haunting me

Love was never meant for me
Oh true love was never meant for me
Seem somehow
We never can agree

Life is full of misery
Oh dreams are like memories
Bringing back
The love that it used to be

Tears, so many I can't see
Oh yes, don't mean a thing to me
Oh, don't go by
Still I can be free