Blues It Up, Vol. 2

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Mick writes:

Another volume of "Blues It Up".. opening with my version of Arthur Crudup's "That's All Right".

Back in 1971 my band Killing Floor got to back Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup at a university gig in the UK. Actually he only wanted the drummer, so I got to watch the show. He did some favourites such as "Mean Ole Frisco" but sadly I don't remember too many details, and there were no photos.

At that time I'd probably never heard Presley's version of his song - it wasn't easy to get Sun releases back then. When I did hear the early Sun Elvis stuff I loved it, but actually Elvis's version of this is pretty close to Arthur's - they both have the same energy and joie de vivre.

So I've tried to hang on to that, with a little slide guitar added, which neither of their versions featured. Anyway it was a lot of fun to record and I like it a lot. I hope you enjoy it too.

Next up the current single "Oh Pretty Woman" - the Albert King classic. I couldn't resist it! And then Leroy Carr's fabulous "How Long Blues". I attacked this pretty hard on my 1930s Harmony - I didn't want to copy Leroy's or anyone else's version. I think it rocks.

And an original - "Ride 'em Down". Blues as a supernatural force creeping around your bed.. spooky eh?

Please note: Online release currently has temporary artwork - work in progress! Hope you enjoy the music - more in the pipeline.

Mick Clarke - Blues It Up, Vol. 2