Blues It Up, Vol. 1

Recorded by Mick Clarke at Rockfold Studio, Surrey 2021

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Mick writes:

A new EP of bluesy stuff. The title comes from my old friend, the late Lou Martin. If ever there was any argument about what material the band should play, Lou would say "oh just go on and blues it up!" He was always right.

"You Don't Love Me" is of course the classic blues standard written by Willie Cobbs - made famous by the Allman Brothers, and turned into a hit by Dawn Penn. I've tried to keep some of the Willie Cobbs sleaze and generally done it my own way.

"No More To Tell".. a collection of phrases from old blues songs, loosely strung together to form some kind of narrative, but leaving plenty to the imagination. It's an odd song but there's something about it that I like. Slide guitar on the 1960 Rosetti.

The Howlin' Wolf standard "How Many More Years" is already out as a single and doing well. Always a favourite song - if you don't know the original be sure to check it out.

Also out as a single, the 60s hit by the Newbeats, "Bread and Butter" - here set to a Little Walter type feel with slide guitar on the Matsumoko Factory Satellite.

And finally stretching out on a nice long self indulgent blues.. plenty of guitar wailing and a little piano tinkling for contrast.. "Troublin' You".

Photo by Tony Winfield from Skegness Blues Festival some years ago when I played with Ric Lee's Blues Project. Some of these tracks will no doubt end up on an album at some point - meanwhile I hope you enjoy the EP. Volume Two will be along at some point.. probably.

Mick Clarke - Blues It Up, Vol. 1