Blue Mood

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Mick writes:

Here's my new single with two B sides.

'Blue Mood' is a remake of my song which I recorded on a duo album, 'Happy Home' with my good friend the late Lou Martin, who was the pianist originally with Killing Floor and later with the Rory Gallagher Band. The original was a nice track, and I added some horn sounds from the synth they had at the studio, and a melodic little solo on the Danelectro.

Over the years I often thought about remaking it with a kind of reggae feel. I tried once and it didn't work but I think I got it this time. I followed the original solo, but this time on my 1939 Harmony archtop. Anyway I hope you like it.

First B Side: I fancied recording a song like Little Walter's 'Blue and Lonesome', and I thought well I should be able to write a little 12 bar of my own. It came out as 'Don't Got To Worry'. I wasn't trying to be deliberately illiterate.. it was actually a phrase I muttered to myself when I forgot to do something around the house, and I thought: 'there's a title'.. Anyway the track went down very fast, all first takes (mainly) and I used my 1963 Danelectro which was the guitar that I'd first had the idea on.

'Gasolene' was originally inspired by the feel of the Stone's 'Midnight Rambler', with the lyric originating from the old 'I Asked For Water' theme. I probably should have changed it.. 'Turpentine'? 'Methylene?'. maybe not. Anyway it's a light hearted thing, not to be taken too seriously, but it romps along and I quite like it. Perfect for the second B Side slot!

There you go - I hope you enjoy the music. 'Blue Mood' released Friday 24th February 2023. Radio presenters can find the tracks on Airplay Direct or email me. I'm not doing a big mail out - you guys need a break!

Recorded by Mick Clarke at Rockfold Studio, Surrey 2022 / 23
All songs by Mick Clarke PRS / BMI

Mick Clarke - 'Blue Mood' Blue Mood

Yeah you have to earn your bread alright
working the streets all day to sleep at night
I'm sorry but it's true
blue mood

Well it's funny how the feeling grows
Where it comes from no one knows
From your head down to your toes
Blue Mood

Well it don't matter if you don't read or write
Still need some one to hold you tight
And brother here's the news
Blue Mood

Late night the lamps are low
Cold on the street no place to go
Don't tell me you don't know
Blue Mood

Don't Got To Worry

Well I don't got to worry
I got my finger on the pulse
Well I don't got to worry
I got my finger on the pulse
yeah I know things got to get better
well they just have to run their course

Well I don't got to worry
just takin care of business all the time
Well I don't got to worry
just take care of business all the time
yeah you take care of your own business
man I'm just tryin to take care of mine

Well I listened to the best advice
that was my mistake
thought I could save a little money
if they'd give me an even break
Well I don't got to worry
just sing' the blues and bide my time
yeah I know things got to get better
gonna be my time after a while


Well I ordered whisky - they gave me gasolene
yeah I just wanted a whisky - they gave me gasolene
thought I'd seen - just 'bout all - customers laid out in the hall
yeah look like whisky - smell like gasolene

I asked for shelter - somewhere to lay my head
yeah gimme some shelter - I'm just lookin for a bed
told me lay down on the mat - cockroaches down there big as cats
cos I asked for shelter - just to lay down my head

I asked for water somewhere to wash my face
well I just asked for water - somewhere to wash my face
took me down to the bus station - said alright - you got running water its open all night
I asked for water - just to wash my face

Well I thought I'd seen - everything - this place threw in the kitchen sink
just wanted a whisky - gave me gasolene