And You Need Love

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Mick writes:

This is my version of the 50s New Orleans classic "You Need Love".

When I was young I had two elder brothers, (still do), and one of them, Derek, was an avid buyer of the latest pop hits. I realise now that many of the records popular in the UK at that time, (the 50s and 60s), were actually part of the rich heritage of New Orleans R&B... Fats Domino, Little Richard and others, and that listening to my brother's records shaped my musical tastes of the future.

One of my favourites was Lloyd Price's "Stagger Lee". What a rockin' piece of music that is - still sounds fantastic today. And I was wondering recently, what was on the B Side? It didn't take long to track it down, and immediately the memories flooded back - I'd worn out the original B Side, back in the day, nearly as much as the A.

It's a pop song with girly doowop singers, but it rocks along so I thought I'd give it a try. It's still kind of old fashioned sounding, but with a contemporary guitar sound, which is an odd combination, but.. well you know, I'm not following any rules. And I added an "And" to the title because I already have a song called "You Need Love".

So I hope you enjoy it. More regular blues and rock releases coming up...

Mick Clarke - And You Need Love