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British blues guitarist Mick Clarke - the EP 'The Blues, Man, the Blues''

Latest Releases and Tour News

Welcome to the official website for British blues guitarist Mick Clarke. Explore the site for full details of all releases, tour history and more.

Latest: Brand new single releasing Friday 3rd February - details on the day

Current release: the 6 track EP 'The Blues, Man, the Blues' - click for full info

The EP is straight in at No. 3 on the Roots Music Report UK Airplay chart - thanks to all those presenters who are playing tracks from it.
Track 1: 'I Sing Um the Way I Feel' now on rotation on BB King's Bluesville channel, Sirius XM

Four recent single releases. Latest - the garage band classic 'Louie Louie'. Released Friday 30th - Click for full info

Previous single 'Keeper of the Fire' - now featured on 99.1 KBUU Radio Malibu, Bandana Blues and other blues and rock radio stations. click for full info

Earlier: released Friday 11th November
Fine and Dandy - now on regular rotation on BB King's Bluesville channel, Sirius XM - rockin' the USA and Canada. Click for full info.

Also - 'Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart' B/W 'Standing Around Crying' - Released 25 November. Now on rotation on the Covers Channel, Sirius XM.

The three singles above are also available on AMI Jukeboxes - over 30,000 outlets across North America.

The new album 'Telegram' was released online on Friday 16th September.

The album was 6 weeks at No.1 on the Roots Music Report UK album airplay chart and reached No. 10 on their main international blues album chart. Click for full info.

“Mick Clarke is a bluesman thru & thru. You know with each release, he’s gonna give you something new and exciting. His latest, TELEGRAM, is what the listeners of my blues radio show have been waiting for. Mick NEVER disappoints…Welcome back!”
Cornel Bogdan

And official Telegram T Shirts now available! From our friends at RePsychMyFire and Redbubble, a complete range of official Telegram merch. Follow the 'Explore More Styles' link for a range of shirts, mugs, hats and lots more!

Meanwhile, in India .. our 2013 album 'Ramdango' is now showing in the Hungama Artist Aloud Rock Top 20. Many thanks to our friends in Mumbai, Bangalore and all across the subcontinent.

British blues guitarist Mick Clarke, new 3 album 2 CD release from BGO Records. Photo by Heinz Rufli.
OUT NOW! New 3 album 2 CD release from BGO Records -38 tracks freshly remastered. Click for full details.
Photo by Heinz Rufli.

Mick's Blog

Hi -

A brief word about Jeff Beck. I was fortunate enough to see him with the Yardbirds, and also with the Jeff Beck Group, from some of their earliest London shows. I'll never forget the first Marquee gig with Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood on second guitar (before later switching to bass). What a gig. What rock blues. What dynamic blinding guitar talent. What rock'n'roll swagger. Unforgettable. I would always quote Clapton, Green and Beck as being the main influences that shaped my playing, before later being exposed to Freddie, BB and the other greats.

Did Jeff Beck invent blues rock guitar? If not him then I don't know who. So a great loss but incredible memories, and the music lives on.
R.I.P. Jeff.

Meanwhile I'm currently enjoying making new music here at Fabulous Rockfold Studio, deep in the Surrey Badlands. Regular new releases - a brand new 6 track blues EP is released on Friday 13th, following four singles - all different genres. Yes it's a bit mad. But I have to keep busy.

Also happy to announce that the latest 3 album CD compilation from BGO Records is now available - You can buy direct from BGO at the link above.

So .. let's hope for a peaceful New Year and some great music in 2023. More news to follow. Blues guitarist Mick Clarke 72nd birthday - a beach in Sussex, England

Mick's 72nd birthday - Shoreham Beach, West Sussex. Photo by Linda Cooper.

Our music is available all over the world, but sadly I have to support major distributors Spotify, Apple and others in withdrawing their services from Russia as part of international sanctions until Ukraine is a free country once again. Spotify are great - Apple - why I am still being streamed in Moscow?!! So for any Russians who might be reading this - you're a great nation, but tell your boss to get the Hell out of Ukraine!

Слава Україне Slava Ukrayina
And finally - just to avoid confusion. There are, naturally enough, other Mick Clarkes out there - notably Mick Clarke of the Rubettes and Mick Clarke, guitarist with Long John Baldry, who has the dot.Net website.

I release my music exclusively online these days, so my online identity is important to me. But there seems to be more and more confusion, particularly on Youtube and Facebook, so please be sure of whom you're listening to, or reading posts of. In fact I rarely post on Facebook other than to announce the latest recording or gig.. (not to pass judgement on matters of the day). I have two Facebook accounts in my name - the official artist one and my private one which shows a tranquil field of maize on a Summer's day. Any other Facebook Mick Clarkes are NOT ME!!! OK.. public service announcement / rant over. More importantly - enjoy the music!