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Mick Clarke
Rocking Out! 18 Rockers Old and New

01 It Don't Stop Rockin'
02 Down in the Bottom
03 Worryin' Kind
04 Stretch
05 Smokestack Lightning
06 The Killingest Place
07 Talk
08 Give Me Back My Wig
09 Lovin' Heart
10 Behave Christine Behave!
11 Leaning to the View
12 Careless Love
13 Murderer's Home
14 One Horse Town
15 Devil on the Road
16 Limousine
17 Produce Row
18 Only Make Believe

A new compilation of some of the rockingest tracks from the catalogue. Also including some brand new previously unreleased tracks and some remixes.

"Worryin' Kind" was originally recorded as part of the "Bent Frets" album but wasn't needed in the final line up. As was "Only Make Believe" - a cover of the old Conway Twitty song, rocked up with some twangy Strat. "Stretch" from the "Crazy Blues" album has been completely remixed, and that annoying tinny vocal removed! That was a bad idea! Oh well. "It Don't Stop Rockin'" gets a cleaner remaster and "Lovin' Heart" gets a remix to bring the guitar out more. (Well I am a guitarist)!

Cover photo taken by Sean Kelly, one night at the 100 Club in London. Thanks Sean. So there you go - 18 Rockers. Have a Rockin' Summer!

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