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Mo'Blues'n'Boogie Vol 1

Release date: 19 June 2020

01 Blues All Day Long
02 Used To Do
03 Sitting On Top Of The World
04 Rat Trap

Recorded by Mick Clarke at Rockfold Studio, Surrey, England
With guest Dangerous Dave Newman on harp.

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Mick writes:

Yeah.. Mo'blues'n'boogie! For some reason I absolutely love Jimmy Roger's songwriting.. simple, rhythmic Chicago blues songs, always with some kind of a hook. A real pleasure to perform. So here's one that I'd missed. There's a great version with Eric Clapton on the "All Stars" album.. I can't compete with that, although I did make a conscious effort to avoid Eric's "Blue-woo-woo-woo". It's actually really hard to sing! (At least for me it is).

I had a lot of fun putting in some faux Spann piano and Willie Big Eyes Smith type drum thumping. The guitar is the neck pickup on the Epiphone by Gibson 1989 Sheraton which I got from Killing Floor's Bill Thorndycraft - I love that guitar - a real blueser.

Used To Do was released as a single a few weeks ago - a straight ahead boogie with the Strat wailing. Sitting on Top of the World was recorded in response to an enquiry from my old friend Geb.. he knew that I played the number on stage and wondered if I'd recorded it. So this was recorded quite spontaneously in just a few days. I like it.

We have a recurring rat problem here at Rockfold, (not actually in the studio I should add), so when it occurs I regretfully have to lay traps. So here's a little Surrey hill country blues ditty on the subject - slide guitar on the Rosetti Elmore Special and my friend Dangerous Dave Newman joining me with some excellent acoustic harp, recorded pre-lockdown.

Hope you enjoy these offerings - more on the way. Meanwhile stay safe and don't forget to boogie..

"Used To Do" and "Rat Trap" by Mick Clarke. "Blues All Day Long" by J. Lane (Jimmy Rogers) and "Sitting on Top of the World" was probably invented in Europe sometime in the 19th Century before being transported to the USA and becoming a blues and country standard. (That's my theory anyway).
Copyright Mick Clarke 2020

The photo is from a SALT gig back in 2012. I pinched the image from Mac's facebook.. slightly flattered by the camera angle but I could still look like that if I lost some weight.. I've got a bit of hair left.

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