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Bill Thorndycraft and Mick Clarke - Blues Consultants

Clarke Thorndycraft
Blues Consultants

"Jumpin' Jack Flash" is the opening track of "Blues Consultants" a new 4 track release of blues rock covers by Killing Floor co-founders Mick Clarke and Bill Thorndycraft. The collection includes a version of the Tom Waits song "No One Can Forgive Me But My Baby", the Ma Rainey classic "Matchbox Blues" and a meaty update of the 60s Cliff Richard hit "Travellin' Light".

Blues Consultants releases across the world on Friday 15 February 2019 on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and all other major platforms. CD release on Rockfold Records to follow. More news here as it happens.

01 Jumpin' Jack Flash
02 Travellin' Light
03 No One Can Forgive Me But My Baby
04 Matchbox Blues

Recorded and Mixed by Mick Clarke at Fabulous Rockfold Studio, Surrey, England.

"Jumpin' Jack Flash" by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, "No One Can Forgive Me But My Baby" by Tom Waits "Matchbox Blues" Trad derived from Ma Rainey's "Lost Wandering Blues"and "Travellin' Light" by Sid Tepper and Roy C Bennett.

Listen and Follow on Spotify - link available Friday 15th February UK time


Download is available from 15 February from iTunes and Amazon Music

Founder member of the 60s British blues rock band Killing Floor, singer Bill Thorndycraft opens the Rolling Stones' "Jumpin' Jack Flash" with his own acoustic guitar backing before the band kicks in. Living in Twickenham, West London, Bill has a close affinity with The Stones who played their earliest gigs just up the road at Eel Pie island, and still have homes in the area.

Killing Floor were part of the first British "Blues Boom", taking their lead from the fathers of British blues, Alexis Korner and John Mayall. Killing Floor created their own brand of progressive rock blues, releasing two albums, the first of which is rated by Classic Rock Magazine as one of the 20 greatest British blues albums of the 60s and 70s. The band went on to back Texas blues guitarist Freddie King on two British tours, working with the legend Howlin' Wolf along the way.

Reunited with Killing Floor guitarist Mick Clarke who has had his own career as a band leader with tours all over the world and 20 solo albums, Bill rips into the Stones classic with abandon. Recorded and produced by Mick at his own Rockfold Studio in Surrey, England this version of Jumpin' Jack brings a new energy to Mick and Keef's classic rocker.

"Jumpin' Jack Flash" is the opening track of "Blues Consultants" a new 4 track release of blues rock covers, including a version of the Tom Waits song "No One Can Forgive Me But My Baby", the Ma Rainey classic "Matchbox Blues" and a meaty update of the 60s Cliff Richard hit "Travellin' Light".

With years of experience, Mick and Bill can fairly claim the title "Blues Consultants". If you want to know where the blues is at .. Right Here.

Travellin' Light
by Sid Tepper and Roy C Bennett
Mick: A great Cliff Richard hit which takes me back to playing my elder brothers' 45s as a kid. Written by two guys who also wrote a whole load of songs for Elvis. Who knew? Our chunky version features my John Bonham drumming.. we just don't care!
Bill: Cliff and the Shadows were the British answer in many ways, to the Presley phenomenon that was happening when I was a young kid. I love this song and for me it's a Homage to Cliff who like Elvis made some great Rock 'n'Roll tracks during his early career. Take a listen to Cliff and the Shadows track, 'Move it.' (actually, the Drifters then I think). Possibly one of the greatest British Rock and Roll recordings ever.

No One Can Forgive Me But My Baby
by Tom Waits
Bill:I was intrigued by Tom Waits Narcissistic/hedonistic lyric which juxtaposes the shame and guilt that often is at the core and a consequence of extreme self-indulgent behaviour.
Mick: Bill rips into this song with attitude - I never knew he'd had such a colourful life.

Matchbox Blues
Trad Arr: Clarke Thorndycraft
Mick: Derived from Ma Rainey's "Lost Wandering Blues" and later re-written by Carl Perkins.. here's our version of a song that goes back a hundred years or more.
Bill:Blind Lemon Jefferson, Bill Broonzy as well as Carl Perkins all used the lyrics which seem to possibly originate in Ma Rainey’s 'lost wandering Blues'.. The Beatles did a version with Ringo I think on vocals. I’m sure I remember hearing some Skiffle band doing a version when I was a Kid.
Like Mick, I had an older sibling who introduced me to Lonnie Donegan, the Vipers and early Elvis recordings on the Sun label. This undoubtedly led me to Sonny Boy Williamson, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee and on to Chicago Blues.
I later had the privileged, when with Killing Floor, to play with Big Boy Arthur Crudup of whom Elvis had two enormous hits covering his songs.

Jumpin' Jack Flash
by Keith Richards and Mick Jagger
Bill:The influence that the Stones have had on modern day culture cannot in my opinion, be under estimated. They opened the doors by introducing many wonderful American Blues and Soul artistes who quite possibly would not have seen the light of day, so to speak without the Stones.
This track, is in many ways our homage to the Stones and their amazing longevity. Their first eponymous album is for me, one of the greatest Rock/Blues albums ever made and I believe paved the way for many of the famous Rock bands of today.
Mick:The Stones were part of our lives growing up in London in the 60s.. always an inspiration when it came to rockin' the blues. And still Bill's neighbours in West London! So here's our take on a modern blues classic.. it's a Gas Gas Gas!

Our Review:

"It's blues, Jim, but not as we know it!"

Bill Thorndycraft and Mick Clarke with Killing Floor at Harelbeke Blues and Rock Festival, Belgium

Bill Thorndycraft and Mick Clarke with Killing Floor at Sweden Rock Festival, Solvesborg Sweden

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