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Mick Clarke - Best of the 90s

Mick Clarke
Best of the 90s

A new compilation of the best tracks from the Mick Clarke Band 1990-95.

01 The Killingest Place
02 Bear With Me
03 Talking with the Blues
04 Blue Eyed Blues
05 Pack My Bag
06 Backseat Blues
07 Produce Row
08 Celebration
09 Limousine
10 One Horse Town
11 Journey
12 She Moves Me
13 My Own Time
14 Down In The Bottom
15 Roll Again

Recorded and Mixed by Nick Robbins with Mick Clarke at Elephant Studio, London. Executive producer Hans Pohle.

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Also available on CD from Amazon On Demand. These CDs are custom made by Amazon in the USA, and still economical when shipped worldwide. They seem to be quite popular, but be warned that the printing comes with an unnecessarily wide border. Don't know why.

A little background (from Mick)..

The early 90s were an exciting and never to be repeated time for the Mick Clarke Band. We were touring pretty much nonstop and had a line-up which included great players such as Lou Martin and Mick Hawksworth, both of whom are no longer with us. We had a label, Taxim who were happy to finance albums and a great studio to record them at - Elephant Studio in Wapping, East London. We had a great engineer, Nick Robbins who I built up a strong rapport with.

But in the mid 90s record sales across the world suddenly dropped off sharply. People were now making perfect CD copies on their new home computers, and sales were reduced sometimes to 10% of what they had been. Record companies and shops around the world were struggling. Elephant Studio sold up and the building was demolished, and Nick has moved on to other work as a mastering engineer.

So this period can never be reproduced. At the time we were exploring the heavier end of blues rock with tracks such as "Talking With The Blues" and playing to large excited audiences all over Europe, particularly memorable dates being the Bonn Blues Festival with Rory Gallagher and the Tanzbrunnen Open Air with Johnny Winter. Great days.

So here's a snapshot of that period, featuring some of my favourite tracks from the three albums "Tell The Truth" "No Compromise" and "Roll Again". Enjoy the music and keep rockin' the blues!

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