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Mick Clarke album All These Blues

Mick Clarke
All These Blues

01. Shake For Me
02. Play Some Blues Tonight
03. All These Blues
04. One Little Problem
05. What's wrong with Anna
06. Ain't It Hard
07. Slipaway
08. the Coast Highway
09. Remember
10. Nothing To Lose
11. Reaching Out
12. Re-Heat

Mick Clarke - Guitar / Vocals
Wilgar Campbell - Drums
Peter Terry - Keyboards
Russell Prett - Bass
With guests: Mark Feltham - harp
Yvette Orrigio and Lorna Brown - backing vocals (Harmony Vocal and Dramatic Arts)

Tracks 11 and 12 with Lou Martin - keyboards, Mike Hirsh - drums, Mick Phillips - bass.
Recorded at Elephant Studio, London
Engineered by Nick Robbins
Produced by Mick Clarke and Nick Robbins
Executive Producer - Franco Ratti
Cover photo - Dave Peabody

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Mick writes:

This was kind of a strange time in my life, and I think the album reflects that a bit. Musically I was trying to be a bit more adventurous and using a more melodic approach. I think it works but it's not my forte.. it was the time of Robert Cray, Clapton's "Behind the Sun" album.. the 80s. I wasn't quite sure who I was. I was starting to tour in the US which was exciting, but I still hadn't really found an identity. Meanwhile at the studio they were experimenting with modern recording techniques, and I was torn between a perfect mix and the kind of Chess Studio sound which I felt was really me. In fact I went back in and remixed a couple of tracks, but couldn't afford to do more than that.. time was expensive in those days!

Anyway there's some nice stuff here.. augmented by a couple of singers from a South London vocal group, and once again Mark Feltham on harp, with Wilgar Campbell and the guys from my regular band, Peter Terry and Russell Prett doing most of the work. A snapshot of a strange period in time.

When CDs got invented we went back in the studio and added a couple of tracks to increase the length of the album, this time with Lou Martin on keyboards, Mick Phillips on bass and Mike Hirsh on the drums. I think the extra tracks, especially "Re-Heat" add to the mix. Citin' Times.

Copyright Mick Clarke

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