Relentless Boogie - the Album

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Mick writes:

Here's a collection of the best of the "Relentless Boogie" EPs from 2021, with one brand new track "Cry For Me". Some tracks have been remastered or remixed, some are left as they were. The title is of course a nod towards John Lee Hooker's "Endless Boogie" - he wouldn't mind.

I remember hearing Robert Cray do a version of Elmore's "Cry For Me" at the Albert Hall. I wasn't there - heard it on the radio. But I thought it was very good, so here's my take on the song - a little rockier than Robert's (or Elmore's).

"Settle On It" is a straight ahead boogie - the lyrics relate to popular dances from the Vaudeville years. "Break it Down" is a funky little fast boogie with lyrics relating to US politics - I think there was an election going on at the time. And "Hi-Heel Sneakers" is of course the Tommy Tucker classic..(real name Robert Higginbotham, much better). I love the line about the Old Crow Liquor.

"Nothin' in Ramblin'" is an old song by Memphis Minnie - Lizzie Douglas. Fierce guitar tone from my Epiphone Sheraton. "Cruise Control" is a cool instrumental, good for driving across deserts to, although I've never actually tried it. And "Little by Little" is one of my favourite tracks.. the old Junior Wells song. I think my version kicks ass as they say in the US. (Well they did last time I was there).

"Blues Fit Me" was written from a quote I found from Muddy Waters.. "I wear the one that fits - the blues fit me". I feel sure that if Willie Dixon had seen the quote the song would have already been written, only probably much better. "Diamond Ring" is obviously "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl" but I wasn't going to sing lines like "tell your mama and your papa I'm a little schoolboy too".. c'mon! So I've worked with John Lee Williamson's original lyric to come up with something slightly different..(it's OK I'm not trying to steal the songwriting). "Who Do You Love" is of course a well covered standard, which I recorded mainly for the fun of it. I must say the slide is sounding good on my old Rosetti with the Elmore James pickup.

The best version of "Down The Road Apiece" is still the Rolling Stones, but here's my take on the song. It was actually written by the guy who wrote "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B" - it goes back to those days - so I've tried to keep some of that feel with my own more modern guitar style. (Modern in this case being circa 1968). "Black Crow Fly" is a kind of laid back thing for a Summer's day - the Rosetti sounding nice again on the slide. And "Rollin' On".. an original rock blues with a complicated riff and some jumbled lyrics about lockdown or some such...I had Rory in mind when I wrote it, particularly the way that he would include some quite melodic sequences into his blues rock songs. I also had a stab at some Rod De'Ath style drum fills.. I hope he would take it as a compliment.

I hope you enjoy the music - my official album offering for 2021. BGO Records have told me that they will release it as part of a new 3 CD package sometime in the New Year, so I'll let you know when that happens. Meanwhile here's wishing you a Merry Christmas 2021 and a Rockin' 22!

Mick Clarke - Relentless Boogie - the Album