Mo' Country Rockin'

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Mick writes:

Another collection of country rockers.. well at least there's a country connection to each track. Sometimes blues standards started off as country compositions, such as 'Blues Stay Away From Me'.. sometimes the music veered into rockabilly, such as 'Dear John'. There's a connection there somewhere - you get the idea.

Anyway it was an excuse to polish up some of my favourite old tracks such as 'Lonesome Whistle Blow' and there's one brand new recording.. Webb Pierce's 'I Ain't Never'.

I've included the apostrophe on 'Mo' here because it's correct and looks right. I had to leave it off the actual release because the idiot robots who control this business think that every apostrophe has to be followed by a lower case letter, so you get 'Mo' country Rockin'' - which doesn't look right. Bit like when I had to remove the 'A' for Ace from the cover of 'House of Cards'.. the idiot robots thought that meant the title was 'A House of Cards'.. Durrr..

Anyway, I like this collection - I actually listen to it myself for pleasure.. there's a thing! I hope you enjoy it too.

I Ain't Never

Webb Pierce's Country hit from the 50s.

Alabama Bound

Originally a ragtime composed by Robert Hoffman in 1909 - my version is inspired by Leadbelly's. Country? Americana? Blues? Jazz? It's a good song anyway.

Peace of My Mind

A song I wrote in my sleep.. I think it's a kind of all purpose loss song.. I'd lost three friends in a short time. It came out kind of Tex Mex and I like it.

Blues Stay Away from Me

Originally a Country song by The Delmore Brothers. I first heard it by BB King on the 'Jungle' album - I still remember walking home through the West End of London clutching my new LP.

Goin' Back

Carole King's song.. Country? Why not?

Freight Train

Written by Elizabeth Cotten when she was twelve years old - later a big skiffle / folk hit in the UK.


Lubbock, Texas? Country.

Keeper of the Fire

A version of a great song by Country Rock band Poco.. I don't know why I chose this one to do, but I like it. No idea what they're on about.

Barbecue Bob

Barbecue Bob and his brother worked in a restaurant / gas station down Buckhead way, Georgia. This is a track from my 'Telegram' album.

Corrine, Corrina

Old old song.. Americana? Also from 'Telegram'.

Dear John

Rockabilly, from the Sun Records recording by Warren Smith.

Lonesome Whistle Blow

Hank. What a great song.

Mick Clarke - Mo' Country Rockin' Well, I ain't never
Seen nobody like you
I ain't never
Seen nobody like you

Well you call me up and say, "Meet me at nine"
I have to hurry but I'm there on time
I walk right up Im knocking on your door
The landlord says, "She don't live here no more"
I ain't never, seen nobody like you
I ain't never
Seen nobody like you

But I love you, yeah, I love you, girl
I love you just the same
You tell me sweet things I know you don't mean
You've got me living in a haunted dream

Well you make me do things I don't wanna do
My friends all ask me, "Man what's wrong with you?"
I ain't never
Seen nobody like you
Well, I ain't never
Seen nobody like you

Well, I ain't never
I ain't never
Yeah I ain't never
Seen nobody like you, no, no, no no, no, no